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Copenhagen based architect, 26

CV // 2021


BA.Arch The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture


AI’s SUSTAIN Award, for Bachelor Project

2020 feb-jun

Internship at Sambuichi Architects, Hiroshima


Internship at SLA Architects, Copenhagen


Freelance architect

I see architecture as an interconnected field of events rather than a self contained form and mere satisfaction of functionality. And I see the architect as a reflection of the human creativity that arises when we face a challenge.


I approach global challenges as a potential for improving life among humans locally as well as the balance between humanity itself and the context of our existence.


I understand nature as a systematic service - not an obstacle, and that whatever we insert into the natural equation will be effected by and contribute to the surrounding ecosystem.


I believe in site specific solutions, driven by analysis, research and trail and error, where every second spent in the field, is a second gained at the drawing board. 


I create through prototyping and translation of dynamics and mechanics across time, space and scale, with a responsibility to create sustainable solutions, fuelled by imagination, curiosity and resourcefulness.

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PHONE: +45 22 31 28 44


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